Top tips for a vegan Christmas dinner

Top tips for a vegan Christmas dinner

Here’s a round-up of delicious ways to enjoy a meat-free Merry Christmas this year as suggested by you!


  1. Pigs in Blankets

Ellie Sutch recommended a quick and easy way to make vegan pigs in blankets. Just take some mini vegan sausages and wrap in a little vegan pastry blanket then simply pop in the oven.

  1. Yorkshire Puddings

As an East Yorkshire-based company, we’re totally on-board with the addition of Yorkshire puddings to the Christmas dinner table and Fran Jacobs shared a tasty-sounding recipe for a vegan version. Just take 60ml of vegetable oil for the tin and mix 115g of plain flour, 1 heaped tsp of gram flour and 285ml of soya milk.

  1. Desserts

Who can resist something sweet after a festive feast? Not us and we love Kimberley Smith’s suggestion to use coconut oil and coconut milk when making vegan desserts.

  1. Lasagne

Looking for inspiration for a Christmas Eve dinner or a New Year celebration? Giovana Abruzza enjoys a vegan lasagne with tofu, baby bell mushrooms, spinach and almond milk which we think sounds perfect for a special occasion.

  1. Trimmings

If you’re welcoming vegans to your table this year, Joanne Pepper has a brilliant way to ensure you can make entertaining easy. Just make sure trimmings like gravy, veg and roast potatoes are vegan – so that means avoiding things like goose fat, butter and meat stock – that way everyone can tuck-in without worrying.

  1. Christmas pie

What could be more wholesome and satisfying than a Christmas pie? Janette Pryor’s favourite filling is roast chestnuts, mushrooms and Quorn which is sure to be a hit for those who love something hearty to eat at this time of year.

  1. Yule Log

It’s a staple of the season and Liz Denial has a fabulous way of making a vegan version of a savoury Christmas Yule Log. It’s filo pastry filled with sweet potato, beetroot, parsnips and carrots served with roasted Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and pine nuts. Can we have seconds, please?

  1. Spice is nice

A nut roast is always on the menu in Victoria Rockcliffe’s house and her top tip is to add a little Christmas spice like cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Guaranteed to create a festive scent that will get taste buds going.

  1. Butternut Squash

For a glorious vegan feast, why not make a vegetable centrepiece as Alyson Chapman does? Take a butternut squash, halve and hollow out the seeds, stuff with mushrooms, rice, tomato and spices – fabulous.

  1. Melon medley

As much as we love to indulge over Christmas, it’s nice to enjoy something a little lighter sometimes and Janet Ashenden’s melon medley with a port sauce fits the bill exactly. Brilliant to serve as a first course to get your vegan dinner off to a great start.

These ideas are sure to make your Christmas dinner a winner winner!