Bio-D Dishwasher Powder – 720g

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Our Dishwashing Powder cuts through grease and limescale easily, with all the benefits of the Bio-D range – so you know it doesn’t cost the earth.

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5-15%: Oxygen-based bleaching agents, Polycarboxylates. Below 5%: Phosphonates, Nonionic Surfactants.

Remove scraps of food, place one level dessert spoon of Dishwasher detergent in to the machine’s dispenser. Ensure the machine’s rinse aid reservoir is filled with Bio-D Rinse Aid. Always follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions.

To respect the environment, run your dishwasher with a full load, choose low temperature washing cycles and follow dosage instructions.

Container- PP, Cap PP

Please check your local authority guidelines in regards to recycling

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Suitable for Septic Tanks, Ethical Consumer Best Buy

(verified owner)

Great products, tho I find 2 teaspoons needed here as very hard water, cleans well, bit expensive, and would hope for larger pack in cardboard box, plastic lined


    I will pass on your comments regarding a larger size to our product team to see if this is something we can look at adding to our range in the future.
    Thank you for such great feedback
    The Bio-D Team

Lisa Yallop (verified owner)

Having tried a wide range of Bio-D products inc washing up, laundry, hand soap, bathroom cleaner, etc and all working EXCELLENTLY I had high hopes for the dishwasher powder and rinse aid but it was not to be 🙁
I’ve played around with the type of wash setting, amount of rinse aid, amount of powder but no matter what i tried I could not get this to do an efficient wash. Every time something would still come out dirty, and these are not roasted/baked in issues as would even leave smudges of ketchup on plates, glasses came out cloudy (no matter what level the rinse aid was set to) and after a couple of weeks the dishwasher smelled too which I have never had happen before. So unfortunately I won’t be buying this again.


    Hi Lisa
    I am so sorry to see that we haven’t managed to impress you with this product.
    We do appreciate all feedback and please be assured that I will pass this on to the team to investigate further.
    Many Thanks
    The Bio-D Team

Victoria Erdelevskaya (verified owner)

I used it with bio-d dishwasher rinse and it’s pretty much useless. It didn’t even clean tea stains in the mugs, glassware looks smudgy, plates still have a bit of food on them. Love their other product but this is not working.


    I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with the dishwasher powder.
    I will forward this to our NPD team to review.
    Really pleased to see you are impressed with our other products.
    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    The Bio-D Team

[email protected] (verified owner)

I so much wanted to like this, as I’ve had good experiences with Bio-D products up to now. Since switching to Bio-D about a month ago some things just aren’t getting as clean, and the drinking glasses (and other glass items) all look very misty now. Switching back to my previous product and hoping the glassware will get back to how it looked before (don’t know if the mistiness is a residue or if surface maybe somehow affected by the product?). Never had problem before, always careful to not overload machine, used Bio-D rinse aid, use dishwasher salt, keep filter clean and almost never use the hotter cycles. The only thing that changed was the powder.

    Kerry Boufkir

    Thank you for taking the time to leave your review.
    I am sorry to see that you are unhappy with the results of the dishwasher powder after having such good experiences with our other products.
    I will pass on your feedback to the Product Team.
    Many Thanks
    The Bio-D Team

Penny (verified owner)

Very happy with this product – we run a B&B and live with a large extended family so would love to see this in a larger container. Would also love to see the development of refillable / reusable containers. Reducing our waste and plastic in particular is increasingly important. Recycling is good but not as good as reusing.

    Kerry Boufkir

    Hi Penny
    Thank you for your wonderful review!
    Really pleased to see you are happy with this product.
    I have passed on your feedback regarding a larger size of this product to the team.
    Thank you again, from the Bio-D Team

Emily Baird (verified owner)

Not great. I live in Aberdeen and water is very soft and even rinsing dishes before they go into dishwasher,glasses come out looking very cloudy and dirty. I tried an eco cycle and an intensive cycle and the same happened.

    Samantha Kirke

    I am sorry that you are disappointed with the dishwasher powder.
    It is challenging to provide a product that is suited to each individual dishwasher and the vary degrees of water differences.

    There are some actions that can be done to help with the powder, please see below:

    • Do not overfill the dishwasher. This prevents the water from circulating properly and therefore prevents a full clean.
    • Select a mid heat wash cycle
    • Check the water inlet valve to ensure this isn’t blocked.
    • Check the filter/pump on the dishwasher. If these are even partially blocked it can affect the strength of the water circulating.
    • Ensure there is sufficient Bio-D rinse aid in the reservoir.
    • Ensure there is salt in the reservoir.
    • Ensure the powder dispense is working correctly and able to release at the appropriate time in the cycle.

Emily Baird (verified owner)

Not great. I live in Aberdeen and water is very soft and even rinsing dishes before they go into dishwasher,glasses come out looking very cloudy and dirty. I tried an eco cycle and an intensive cycle and the same happened. Shame as other products from Bio D are great.


Excellent alternative. use DW salt & rinse aid, I have found this product an excellent alternative leaving dishes lovely & clean.
My only grumble is around the packaging. In my efforts to reduce plastic waste this product doesn’t conform. Alternatively could refill options in non plastic packaging be made available without the plastic measure spoon?


Packaging prevents 5*. Powder works well. Only gripe is the plastic pot, Not recyclable in this area, Wiltshire. Please package in paper bags similar to those you pack laundry powder in


The best – I get migraines from smells so have tried every product on the market. Even had it sent from abroad. Finally found this produce. The best on the market. Will buy again.


Best for Soft Water and Septic Tank. We have very soft water, so don’t need the amount of detergent you are forced to use to use in dishwasher tablets. We have a septic tank, so want to limit the amount of detergent and other chemicals that we put into the system. Then there’s cost: as we can measure what we use we save £££s compared with the cost of tablets.


Perfect cleaning! This updated formula works every time. Recyclable tub and less waste than wrapped tablets. Can be used to clean dishwasher too. I’ve never used anything else.


Excellent product – We have used this powder for years now and it never fails us. Feels great to know we are protecting the earth too and you need so little one pot lasts and lasts. Thank you Bio D for creating great products to help save the planet – including ourselves.

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