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Seep Household Power Duo Kit

Our best-selling Sponge Scourers (4-pack) and Bamboo Cloths (3-pack) combo which will cover all your household cleaning needs.


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  • 100% plastic-free: zero polyester, zero polypropylene and zero polyurethane
  • Durable: one sponge lasts 1-2 months, the bamboo cloths last for 12 months+
  • All-purpose: sponge scourers are perfect for scrubbing dishes and wiping spills, the cloths are great for wet and dry use including polishing, dusting and wiping
  • Non-scratch: suitable for non-stick pots and pans
  • Pack size: 4 sponges, 3 cloths
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  • Made from materials from 100% renewable sources: wood pulp, loofah and sustainably sourced bamboo
  • Breaks down into harmless organic waste
  • Does not release microplastics into the environment
  • Sustainably sourced packaging with natural inks and 100% recyclable 
  • Designed, packed and sent from the UK, made in audited factories in China
  • Sponge size: 7cm x 11cm x 2cm
  • Dry out between uses to prevent mould

Sponge Scourer

  • Freshen up: Pop them in the dishwasher or washing machine (30-40 degrees Celsius)
  • Compost: cut up the sponge (this speeds up composting) and place it in a home compost of food waste bin
  • Household waste: throw your sponge into your normal household waste and it’ll break down without releasing harmful microplastics
  • Sponges will naturally start to breakdown after 1-2 months

Bamboo cloth 

  • Freshen up: Pop them in the washing machine machine (30-40 degrees Celsius)
  • Recycle: recycle your cloth with other textiles at end of life or even better, just keep using them forever (use for polishing shoes, cars, toilets 🙂)

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