Our 2023 Sustainability and Impact Report is here!

Our 2023 Sustainability and Impact Report is here!

After another year full of environmental achievements, we’ve issued our latest annual Sustainability and Impact Report.

Outlining our economic, social and environmental impacts, highlights from the 2023 report include achieving a 25% reduction in CO2e per single product we create! This is a result of increased solar energy production, alongside use of our electric boiler, meaning that all of our products are now manufactured using cleaning renewable energy.

Having secured our B Corporation Certification last year, our fourth annual report has also been expanded to include our B Corp Impact Report, which further measures, manages and improves our positive social and environmental performance.

Managing director here at Bio-D, Lloyd Atkin, said: “Securing B Corp status was a huge achievement for the whole team. We were the first company in our hometown of Hull to achieve the accreditation, and since then we have been contacted by others that want to learn about the process, which is fantastic.”

This year’s Sustainability and Impact Report also details how we have saved over 78 tonnes of CO2 emissions by creating our consumer bottles and five litre refills containers from 100% post-consumer plastic (did you know we were the first UK consumer cleaning brand to use recycled plastic in our packaging?)


We are proud to say that these reductions now mean we are net zero for all our scope one and two emissions!

Lloyd continued: “As a company that puts sustainability first, we’re always looking at ways to improve our processes to ensure we’re benefitting the environment as much as possible.

“Whilst we have achieved so much over the last year, there are always ways in which we can further improve, which is why we have created goals to work on throughout 2023, including continuing to reduce our CO2e across the business, as well as conducting a life cycle assessment of our products and organising an external review of the site to see how else we can create energy savings.”

Alongside environmental achievements, this year’s report also details how 100% of our staff are happy in their jobs. We have also donated over 1,700 litres of product to charity throughout 2022.

Interested in reading this year’s Sustainability and Impact Report? You can find it here.