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Did you know that in 2021 we saved over 85 tons of CO2e emissions by using post-consumer recycled bottles?

Did you also know that 92.7% of our 2021 bottle/container unit sales were in PCR plastic?


Our Closed Loop process via our wholesale partners has contributed to this great achievement and this is something we’re really proud of!

Even with those fantastic numbers, the whole team at Bio-D are always looking to innovate and improve. That’s why – after crunching the numbers, fine tuning the process, and getting the okay from our team in the lab – we’re happy to announce that the Closed Loop process for 20L containers is now rolled out to UK individual customers and UK independent stores to return just two or more 20L containers for our relaundering and refilling process.

If you have two or more empty 20L Bio-D containers, read on to find out more!


20L containers returned and relaundered since May 2021.


1 Dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s

We only accept Bio-D 20L container returns in multiples of two in the UK – we have worked out that this is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to get less than a pallet full back to us. To make sure this service stays free for you and our other customers, please read and follow our 20L Container Return Guidelines.

2 Secure them!

The lovely empty 20L’s you’re sending back to us are going through the postal system, we’ve done a lot of testing and can show you exactly how to secure your containers on our 20L Container Return Process. Securing them as shown with twine or tape means they are processed as a box with the correct dimensions for the postal service.

3 Send them back!

Click on this link for the portal to book your drop-off, print your label/get your QR code so the empty containers can begin their journey! It’s quick, easy and you can rinse and repeat for as many pairs of 20L containers as you have!

The Drop-Off service is free of charge for our customers – feel free to use the Collection Service if you’re happy to pay the small fee.

4 Now we wash, refill and reuse

A genuine ‘No Brainer Container’.

20l container recycling

Got lots of empties?

No problem! We can arrange direct pallet returns or returns via participating suppliers!

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