Sanitising Products

Are your sanitising products effective against Corona Virus?

We have tested our All Purpose Sanitiser and it has been shown to be effective against Corona Virus. Our Hand Wash, Home & Garden Cleaner and Multi Surface Cleaner are all effective against E.coli, Salmonella Enterica, MRSA and Staphylococcus Aureus in accordance with the BSEN 1276 standard.


Is Laundry Bleach considered safe for coloured laundry?
Bio-D Laundry Bleach is generally considered safe for use with colourfast coloured garments but we wouldn’t advise use with dark colours – so keep it away from your LBD!

Your brand name is “Bio-D” – does this mean your washing powder is biological?
No. We do not use enzymes as the active ingredient in our washing powder. Although enzymes are great at getting rid of tough stains, people can often be sensitive to their effects, causing allergic reactions.

Why is your Laundry Liquid thin?

To keep our laundry liquid as natural as possible we do not add a thickening agent and therefore the viscosity is the result of the mixture of raw ingredients. Due to the natural ingredients used this can vary slightly from batch to batch and is something we have no control over.   Contrary to perception, a thicker product does not make for a more effective product. The measurement for efficacy is in the activity of the product, how much active ingredient there is present. This is measured using a refractometer in the laboratory and the batch has to pass QC checks to ensure the activity is within the specified range before the batch can be approved. Therefore the viscosity shouldn’t affect the performance of the product in any way.


Are all of your household cleaning products both solvent and fragrance free?
We like to offer something for everyone and have a full range of household cleaning products that are both solvent and fragrance free. Our Multi Surface and All Purpose Sanitisers contain orange oil for extra cleaning power and all of the fragrances you find in our products come from essential oils.

Are any Bio D products proven/suitable to remove oil and grease from clothing and surfaces?
Bio-D Laundry Liquid is great for pre-treating particularly nasty stains before putting them in the wash, while Bio-D Multi Surface Sanitiser works wonders on greasy surfaces where a more heavy duty clean is required.

I’m not sure whether I need All Purpose Sanitiser or Multi Surface Sanitiser – what’s the difference?
Bio-D All Purpose Sanitiser come in a handy spray bottles for the cleaning of surfaces. Multi Purpose Cleaner is best for heavy duty cleaning such as ovens, sinks and floors.


Are your plastic bottles are BPA free?
All of our packaging is BPA free. They are actually made from PET or HDPE which means all containers are 100% recyclable.

Are you plastic bottles recyclable?
Not only are our bottles recyclable over 65% of our range is now made from 100% UK post-consumer recycled bottles (that’s bottles that you and your neighbours have recycled in your kerbside bins!).


Do any of your products contain ammonia?
None of our products contain ammonia. For a full list of the substances we leave out of our cleaning products, see “what we leave out

Do you use Triclosan as an antibacterial?
None of our products contain Triclosan. Instead we use the power of naturally derived lactic acid derived from corn. For a full list of the substances we leave out of our cleaning products, see “what we leave out

Do your products contain MI, MIT or Parabens?
No Bio-D products contain MI, MIT or Parabens as preservatives. For a full list of the substances we leave out of our cleaning products, see “what we leave out

Do your products contain Benzisothiazolinone or Octylisothiazolinone?
None of our products contain Benzisothiazolinone or Octylisothiazolinone. Instead we use the power of naturally derived lactic acid. For a full list of the substances we leave out of our cleaning products, see “what we leave out


Why have you stopped making Disinfectant?
We haven’t! European legislation changed in recent years, restricting the use of certain descriptors such as disinfectant and antibacterial. What previously was our disinfectant has been renamed as Home and Garden Cleaner.

Why have the ingredients on pack changed?
The ingredients are exactly the same as before, though their descriptors may have changed. European legislation is working towards a globally recognised naming system with uniform terms for specific chemical groups, and any changes reflect this.

Are Bio-D products suitable for use with a grey water system?
Bio-D products are made with biodegradable substances to make fantastic products that don’t cost the Earth. This means grey water containing Bio-D cleaning products is safe to use in your garden.

Are any of your products antibacterial?
Bio-D Multi Surface Cleaner, Bio-D All Purpose Sanitiser, Bio-D Home and Garden Cleaner and Bio-D Cleansing Hand Wash are all BSEN1276 approved meaning they have been tested against a range of bacteria, including E-coli, salmonella and MRSA, and are suitable for use in a catering environment.

Why does my fragrance free product have a smell to it?

The smell will be from the raw materials used in the product and will vary from batch to batch. We added fragrance free to our laundry products to show that these products don’t have any added fragrance to them for our customers who have fragrance sensitivities.

Can Bio-D products be used with a septic tanks or sewerage treatment plants?
Yes, all Bio-D products can be used with these waste processing systems.

Are your Products Pet Friendly?

As long as they are used according to the directions on the bottle then yes. Don’t worry we haven’t tested any of our products on animals to check this out. Our plant based and naturally derived gentle formulations don’t contain benzalkonium chloride, bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers or formaldehyde in our products which are highly toxic to animals. Our products have also been used successfully for many years in equestrian environments, kennels and catteries to name and areas where livestock is housed.