Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile

Here at Bio-D we’re proud to produce cleaning products that don’t cost the earth in any sense. Being as environmentally responsible as possible is one of our core values, and we make sure that this is reflected in everything we do. This is why all of our ingredients are naturally derived and plant based, and why our bottled packaging is 100% recyclable. We’re also working on making all bottled packaging from recycled plastics by the end of 2019.

With this in mind, there’s nothing we love more than hearing about our customers going the extra mile to help do their bit to help save the planet, which is why we wanted to shout about a local independent store in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

Run by Ventnor local – Lesley Genge, Lesley’s Nutshell has been open for over twelve years.

Selling organic wholefoods and cleaning products alongside wooden and traditional toys, fair trade and handmade gifts, Lesley has been stocking refills from the very beginning.

However, rather than simply recycling Bio-D bottled packaging, Lesley has created a refill programme that gives the community of Ventnor chance to reuse Bio-D bottles for other purposes, in a bid to further combat the problem of plastic waste.

Keen to make a difference, Lesley initially reached out to locals to see if reusing Bio-D refill bottles would be of interest. It was, and now people all across Ventnor are making use of Bio-D 15L bottles – from farmers and builders to avid gardeners in their allotments! They use the containers for alternative purposes including storing water for watering plants and using to carry water to animal troughs.

One particular resident uses one of our empty refill containers to store her used washing up water.

She says: “Every time I use my Bio-D Washing Up Liquid, I pour the used water into the empty packaging. I then use the water to water my plants – it’s a great way to save on waste, and with it being vegan-friendly its suitable on flowers and greenery!”

Another customer uses one of Bio-D’s 15L refillables to store cooking oil, which goes on to power the local rugby club’s generator.

Lesley says of her refill initiative: “Ever since setting up the programme I’ve had the support from both my town and my suppliers, which is really wonderful. It’s going from strength to strength, and working with Bio-D has enabled me to make this happen.”

It’s great to hear of our customers going out of their way to help protect our planet! If you know of any Bio-D customers that go the extra mile to be environmentally friendly get in touch here.

Find out more about Lesley’s Nutshell here.