We’re asking you to Eat. Clean.

We’re asking you to Eat. Clean.

In celebration of National Vegetarian Week, we’ve teamed up with famous food writers, Katy Beskow, who’ve shared a few special vegetarian recipes inspired by the ingredients in Bio-D products.

Áine (left), author of the new book COOK SHARE EAT VEGAN, has selected crispy cinnamon potato tacos with lime and jalapeno soured cream, influenced by the lime in one of our hand soaps, plus gingerbread bites to satisfy those with a sweeter tooth.

Eat. Clean. aims to get people talking about the environment and the impact our everyday tasks can have. We want food lovers all over the country to start thinking more about the impact kitchen products – such as washing up liquid and hand soap – can have on the Earth.

Every year, the UK produces millions of tonnes of single-use plastic, which takes hundreds of years to decompose. It’s harmful to our planet, to people and to wildlife, which is why we’re working hard and leading the fight against plastic pollution.

LittleMissMeatFree, or Katy (right) as she’s usually known, has shared three recipes for us from her most recent Book, 15 Minute Vegan: Comfort Food – all featuring naturally-derived ingredients found in Bio-D products.

Her herby white wine mushrooms on toast contain rosemary and thyme, while her coconut, cucumber and garden mint raita and Instant mango fro-yo contain lime – just like our hand washes.

After cooking up a storm in the kitchen, cleaning up with Bio-D means you’re not only treating yourself with a delicious dish, but also backing the fight against plastic pollution. More than half the Bio-D product range uses 100% recycled packaging, and we’re aiming to make sure all of our packaging is the same by the end of the year.

Plus, did you know we’re the only environmentally-friendly cleaning product manufacturer to pass the test for use in commercial kitchens?

Get involved with Eat.Clean. and tweet us with photos of your take on Áine and Katy’s recipes – make sure to include the hashtag #EatClean so we can see what you’ve been up to.