We’re celebrating a landmark year of sustainability achievements

We’re celebrating a landmark year of sustainability achievements

We’re celebrating a landmark year of sustainability achievements.

Our annual Sustainability Report has been released following a year of significant progress towards our environmental and societal goals.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, vegan cleaning products, we’ve made some key achievements over the past 12 months.

These include:

  • A 21% reduction in CO2 (carbon) emissions from electricity usage and a 29.9% reduction in CO2 emissions from gas usage
  • A 23.7% increase in the use of recycled plastic in product packaging and a 21.3% increase in the proportion of product sold as refills
  • Winning the Energy & Sustainability Award at the Make UK National Manufacturing Awards
  • The achievement of B Corp certification, cementing Bio-D as a leader in the global movement for an inclusive, fair, and sustainable economy

As part of Bio-D’s goal to be the world’s most responsible supplier of cleaning and personal care products, we have set ambitious targets to reduce our environment impact and put in place solutions and processes to achieve this.

In the past year these have included the introduction of a solar energy supply and the installation of an electric boiler run from solar panels, eliminating the need to use gas – a non-renewable fossil fuel – in the future.

We have also invested in a bottle tooling for the packaging of some of our lines, enabling us to use 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) waste plastic in packaging for these products, as well as reducing the overall volume of plastic needed.

This has allowed us to achieve our target of ensuring that the quantity of products in PCR packaging exceeds the quantity in virgin packaging, three years ahead of our target of 2025. In 2021 alone this resulted in a saving of over 85 tonnes of CO2.

Bio-D managing director Lloyd Atkin said: “Sustainability is fundamental to our vision and values and absolutely embedded within our business goals and processes.

“2021 was a landmark year for us in terms of the progress we have made towards our sustainability goals.

“Achieving B Corp status during the year was a particular highlight for us, providing independent and credible verification of our transparency and performance when it comes to our environmental and societal impact.

“That we have also delivered against all our key environmental measures is testament to the inspiration we gain from our customers, who hold us to high standards, and the perseverance and ingenuity of the Bio-D team in seeking to meet these.

“We’ll continue to report our performance through our Sustainability Report and to set ourselves challenging targets as part of our commitment to creating cleaning products that don’t cost the Earth.”

Read Bio-D’s Sustainability Report here.