Bio-D Fragrance Free Non Bio Laundry Liquid – 1L

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Our fragrance-free non bio Laundry Liquid is accredited by Allergy UK. Its super-gentle but super-effective concentrated formulation (25 washes/L!) can be used at low temperature and for washing delicate fabrics by hand.

We’ve recently made a change to the pH of our already fantastic laundry liquid formulation. You may notice a change in consistency & colour – there’s no need to worry, our Laundry Liquids are more stable and effective at tackling your dirty washing than ever before!

  • 100% naturally derived
  • Plant based gentle formulations
  • No MIT, BIT, or MI

pH: 10.5-11.0

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£6.12 (Inc Vat)

5-15%: Potassium Cocoate, Nonionic Surfactant, Below 5%: Anionic Surfactant, Sodium Citrate, Amphoteric Surfactant, Citric Acid

Always follow the instructions on the garment label. Pour liquid into machine dispenser or wash ball. Soft Water:

Normal Soiling – 40ml
Heavy Soiling – 50ml
Handwash (10L) – 30ml

Medium Water:
Normal Soiling – 50ml
Heavy Soiling – 60ml
Handwash (10L) – 30ml

Hard Water:
Normal Soiling – 60ml
Heavy Soiling – 80ml
Handwash (10L) – 40ml

Try mixing with warm water to clean up any mishaps on carpets. You can also pre-treat stains before placing them in the washing machine with a small covering of Laundry Liquid.

Bottle – 100% rHDPE, Cap – PP.

Please check your local authority guidelines in regards to recycling.


Vegan, Cruelty Free, Suitable for Septic Tanks, Ethical Consumer Best Buy, 100% Naturally Derived, Gentle Formulation, 100% Recyclable Packaging, 100% Post Consumer Waste Bottle, Allergy UK


MICHAELA (verified owner)

Clean for the environment, gentle for the skin – mine is sensitive, but have no issues with Bio-D laundry liquid. Laundry is beautifully clean, don’t need to use fabric conditioner. Really happy to wash my laundry with British product that is in fact protective of the Earth… Can only recommend to try. Thank you Bio-D.


    Hi Michaela
    Thank you so much for your wonderful recommendation.
    It is really appreciated.
    The Bio-D Team

Great liquid, can’t fault it, amazed how well it works, eco bleach and stain remover needed at times, as with other laundry liquids .
Very happy and will continue to use


    Thank you so much for your wonderful review!
    Really appreciate your super feedback
    The Bio-D Team

Victoria Tye (verified owner)

Since the formula change this product has really affected my breathing. My lungs feel like they are burning. I won’t be able to continue to use this product unless it’s changed back. Really upset as it’s ruined my clothes as well as my towels and bedsheets. Wish I had known about the formula change before bulk buying.


    Hi Victoria
    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    I am so sorry to see that you have been affected by the recent formulation change.
    I will email you directly to request more information so I can look into this further.
    Many Thanks
    The Bio-D Team

A great liquid, big plus for me as I have a few wool and silk items, no seperating stuff, cleans well


    So pleased you are happy with our laundry liquid.
    It works brilliantly on delicate items doesn’t it?
    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your review.
    The Bio-D Team


After my dog (of all things) had a bad reaction to supermarket cleaners and washing up liquids, I decided to give Bio-D a go. True to form, all products I’ve tried are fantastic. This smells abit like pva glue in the bottle but washes well and leaves clothes smelling clean without those awful heavy scents. She’s cleared up and we’re all better off. Thanks Bio-D!


I only use BioD. Better than any other brands you get at the supermarket. Another great product by bioD. I only use their products at home. They go a long way, you never have to use much, they’re great for the environment and I don’t have to worry about loading the house with chemicals. You don’t wanna do that when you’ve got a young baby at home. 🙂 Best part is, I get it delivered to the house so no effort whatsoever.


Great stuff. Excellent for sensitive skin. No one in the house has had any reaction to it at all. Have replaced all other laundry liquids with this one now and even started to try other products in the same brand – have found all to be good so far!


Great all natural laundry liquid. I had never used this brand before but was looking for a reasonably priced, good, all natural laundry liquid. Following other reviews here I decided to give Bio D a try…I’m so glad I did! It’s a great product, got my clothes clean, did not leave a strong scent, and kept my clothes feeling soft


Works just fine. No problems with this. It does have a particularly sweet smell (like many non-eco products do) but clothes still smell fresh when washed.

Miss RL Johnson

Would recommend. I was very happy to find a good alternative and am happy with this. Seems to do a good job.


No nasty chemicals. Amazing cleaning this is my new washing machine liquid no nasties in it thanks bio D .

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