Bio-D’s wild partnership

Bio-D’s wild partnership

We’re wild about protecting our environment, caring for our green spaces and providing our native wildlife the perfect places in which to live. So this year, we’ve decided to pledge our support to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, helping in its mission to ‘protect and conserve Yorkshire’s wild places and wildlife for all to enjoy’.

Getting out in the wild – whether that’s in your local woods, park or even just getting out in the garden – is also proven to help our mental wellbeing. So we want to help Yorkshire Wildlife Trust preserve our stress-free and calming spaces for future generations to also benefit from.

Why Yorkshire Wildlife Trust?

Ever since day one (which was way back in 1989), we have been committed to sustainable practices and supporting local businesses, projects and initiatives. From our ingredients to our manufacturing processes and supply chains, the natural world has always come first. Our ethos has been to create products that don’t cost the Earth, in any sense.

We support everything Yorkshire Wildlife Trust stands for. It believes in protecting and preserving our natural world to ensure that our wildlife, woodlands, grasslands and more are able to breathe and thrive.

Finding your calm in the natural world

We also know that the natural world is incredibly important to our mental wellbeing. Even just getting out in the garden or breathing some fresh air can help!

Our natural world needs protecting, so that we’re all able to enjoy it to the fullest for many years to come. There’s nothing better than exploring your local wild spaces, finding a moment of calm through listening to your area’s native birds or smelling a patch of colourful wildflowers.

‘Thinking local’

Everyone’s local wild spaces are unique. And this is what makes them so perfect – and worth preserving!

We believe in ‘thinking local’ in everything we do – supporting our neighbours, local businesses and charities – and we know our customers do too. So we decided to do the same when committing to our first corporate partnership.

Yorkshire is Bio-D’s home, so we wanted to support a local cause that would benefit the community on our doorstep. But caring for our natural world is also a national movement that needs all of our support. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is linked to over 40 national Wildlife Trusts, all working towards the same mission. You can find your local Wildlife Trust nature reserve here.

The more positive local projects and charities that can secure funding, support and the commitment of local people, the more we can make a real difference. Together.