Clean your way into the good books this Valentine’s Day


Whilst we can’t whisk our other half away on a spa day or go out for a romantic dinner, our research has shown that cleaning the house may be the way to your partner’s heart this Valentine’s Day!

Results from a recent survey we commissioned with Censuswide found that 47% of Brits find it attractive when their partner cleans without being asked, whilst one in ten would even prefer their other half to clean the house over receiving flowers on 14th February.

With washing the dishes topping the list of cleaning jobs we appreciate our partner doing the most (46%), it is closely followed by giving the kitchen a good once over (42%) and cleaning the windows (38%).

Over three quarters of Brits say they would appreciate their partner cleaning the house without needing to ask, so the run up to Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get to work to secure a place in that special someone’s heart!

Our research was inspired by self-confessed cleaning and organising enthusiast Stacey Solomon, whose fiancée Joe Swash often makes an appearance on the star’s Instagram cleaning the couple’s windows – much to the appreciation of Stacey!

The research also showed that 37% of people would like their partner to clean more, with those in the Greater London area agreeing most with the statement. 42% of females agreed that they would like their partners to clean more, compared to 32% of males.


Download graphic here.