Go Plastic Free this July with Bio D

Go Plastic Free this July with Bio D

This Plastic Free July we’re shining a spotlight on our range of plastic free cleaning products.

It’s no secret we’re leading the way in the eco-friendly, cruelty-free cleaning industry – our latest sustainability report is testament to the research and hard work that goes into every product we produce.

As we strive to continue creating powerful cleaning products without impacting the planet, we’ve created a range of zero waste, plastic-free products so our customers can clean without compromise.

These include:


Soap Bars

Our range of 100% plastic-free Soap Bars are vegan and non-toxic, and can be used on your hands, face, body … or wherever you like.

With three of Bio-D’s most popular fragrances to choose from – Lime & Aloe Vera, Plum & Mulberry, and Mandarin – each soap bar contains high levels of Vitamin E which is good for skin, and is free from sulphates including SLS, SLES and ALES, and MPG.

They’re packaged using recyclable cardboard and are 100% naturally derived, made with over 65% certified organic content.


Furniture Polish

Our vegan Furniture Polish has been a staple part of the Bio-D range for a while now, with the 100% recyclable aluminium tin making this versatile product completely plastic-free.

Made from a blend of plant based wax and natural oils, it can be used on natural wood around the home from furniture to banisters.

It’s also one of the only vegan furniture polishes on the market!


Dishwasher Tablets

As we continue to increase our plastic-free options, we were delighted to announce the arrival of our Dishwasher Tablets.

Our Dishwasher Tablets pack a punch with their compact 12g size. Small is beautiful especially as this means we can fit 40% more boxes into each lorry than the average size dishwasher tabs. In fact, for every five trucks of 20g tablets we only need three.

Each tab is ready to use in its own biodegradable water-soluble wrapper to keep the powder dry before use.


Dishwash Bar

To expand your plastic-free dishwashing experience, our Dishwash Bar will not only leave your dishes clean and sparkling but is also suitable for sensitive skin and leaves your hands moisturised.

You’ll also free up vital cleaning cupboard space, with this small but efficient bar taking up far less room than traditional bottles.


Laundry & Stain Remover Bar

Our handmade Laundry & Stain Remover Bar is perfect for handwashing delicates or using on stained clothing as a pre-treatment.

This little bar has big stain removing power without the use of harsh or toxic bleach components.

It’s recyclable cardboard packaging also means it’s completely plastic free and will leave you plenty of cupboard space!


But what about the products we sell in plastic packaging?

We’re proud to say that all our consumer and five litre bottles are created from 100% post-consumer plastic.

In 2021 we saved over 85 tonnes of +CO2e emissions by using PCR (post-consumer recycled) bottles. We have also seen refill stations continue to grow in popularity as more consumers prefer to refill an existing bottle. The number of refill centres selling Bio D refills grew by 10% last year.

We are often asked why we don’t swap to glass packaging for our liquid products, but our in-depth research has proven recycled plastic to still be more sustainable when we consider manufacturing temperatures, product weight, raw materials, recycling energy and usability.

Plastic is a 12th of the weight of glass, making it easier to transport, and processing used plastic requires less water, less fossil fuels and less energy than glass.

Over the past few years, we have seen our PCR usage soar, investing in our own bottle tooling as well as producing laundry caps using 15% less plastic and more slimline products using 2% less plastic.

As a B Corp company, we continue to strive to be as sustainable as possible and we are always looking forward to what more we can achieve so our customers can clean without compromise.