Why it’s so important to support independents

Why it’s so important to support independents

With 55% of UK consumers shopping at independent retailers once a week or more, it’s safe to say the nation loves its local stores. You may have noticed on our social media channels that we do, too!

Because we’re an independent company, only stocked by other independents, we’ve been showing some of our favourite stores a little love on our social media channels lately.

But why is it important for us to shop at independents, and what are the benefits of choosing the little and local stores? Here are 4 reasons to start supporting your independents (if you haven’t already).

Diversity on the high street

Choose to shop locally and you’ll be able to find lots of unique stuff that you can’t get anywhere else.

From the work of local artists, handmade clothes and homeware, to the freshest bread and cakes, it’s easy to find all the best products in your area if you know where to look.

You could save some cash

Buying a product from the supermarket? Then there might be lots of people involved in the deal. From growers and suppliers to delivery drivers and the store itself, everyone needs their share of the price you’re paying.

Shopping with independents means you’ll be paying for a much shorter supply chain, so the cost of the products won’t be hiked up to pay for everyone involved in getting that product to you.

It’s good for your community’s economy

Research shows that for every £1 spent with a small business, 63p stays in the local economy, compared to only 40p from larger stores. That 63p is spent with other independents and means the community can thrive.

High streets populated lots of independent businesses have a positive impact on local house prices too!

And better for the environment  

Not only do local stores tend to stock seasonal products that haven’t been imported from thousands of miles away, they also use way less packaging.

If you’re lucky enough for one of your nearby independents to stock Bio-D, you can save your old bottles from the landfill, and refill them with our products.

Already shopping at your own favourite independents? Let us know over on TwitterFacebook or Instagram who they are!