Allergy Awareness Week – don’t just take our word for it!

It’s safe to say that the majority of people living in the UK have some sort of allergy. According to Allergy UK, an estimated 21 million people are living with allergic disease in the country, with aversions to everything from nuts and seeds to different chemicals and materials.

However, allergies don’t seem to be taken as seriously as they should be…

Though it’s a common problem, there remains a huge gap in healthcare services for those affected by this disease of the immune system (which is essentially what an allergy is). In fact, over 20% of patients with allergies struggle daily with the fear of possible asthma attacks, anaphylactic shocks, or even death from an allergic reaction (EAACI, 2016). And the number of those affected is quickly on the rise.

That’s why Allergy UK’s Allergy Awareness Week – which is taking place from 26 – 30 April, is aiming to raise the profile of allergy at all levels, with a vision for everyone affected to receive the best possible care and support.

Here at Bio-D we understand how allergies can affect life on a daily basis, which is why we make sure to leave out ingredients that are known to lead to skin irritation and allergenic contact dermatitis – including Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone.

All of our fragrance-free laundry products here at Bio-D are also accredited by Allergy UK themselves. This means that all of our range has been scientifically tested to a protocol developed by a panel of international allergists and scientists, meaning that our products have a significantly reduced allergen content – which can be immensely reassuring to sufferers of allergy, intolerance and sensitivities. We also have complete traceability, knowing exactly what goes into our cleaning products, and where they come from.

But don’t take our word for it! We asked our customers about how using our products had transformed their lives, meaning that they can live without the constant consequences of aversions on a day to day basis.

Sophie Bryant

The first time I heard of Bio-D was whilst working for someone who suffered from both ME and multiple chemical sensitivity. Bio-D was the only thing that she could use that didn’t upset her, and she swore by it.

At around the same time, I stopped breastfeeding my little girl. However, she began coming up in hives, and the doctor simply prescribed anti-histamines, which I didn’t like the thought of. My boss gave me a little of her Bio-D washing powder, and we haven’t looked back!

I use Bio-D’s washing up liquid, laundry powder and fabric conditioner – all unscented – and it actually works! I buy the 15L refill washing up liquid, and 5k of powder from my local store Hawthorn Health, and it lasts a long while, so I don’t need to keep restocking.

I am genuinely shocked that the majority of people have no idea about the harsh chemicals that are in everyday laundry liquid and powders. My daughter now only comes out in hives if she wears clothes at her grandparent’s houses that haven’t been washed in Bio-D.

Note: The incidence of Atopic Eczema in both children and adults have increased by two to threefold in industrialised countries during the past three decades.

In 45% of children, the onset of Atopic Eczema occurs during the first six months of life – during the first year 60% of these children are affected, and 85% are affected before the age of five (Pawankar R et al, 2013).

Jenna Farmer

I decided to make a real effort to go more natural when it came to the products I use to clean my home after starting to notice issues with my skin. Eczema and psoriasis run in my family and is hugely connected to gut issues, so it made sense to me to think further than just what is on our kitchen table when it came to skin problems.

I’d never tried natural cleaning products before, and I wondered if they’d get the job done, but I was really impressed by the range. It smelt amazing and I was pleasantly surprised at not getting that ‘tight chest’ feeling that I usually get when cleaning.

Being 100% hypoallergenic, using the Bio-D range was a bit of a wake-up call to me about how many unnecessary ingredients are used in cleaning products!

For more information on our accreditations and what we leave out of our cleaning products, click here.