How to have a sustainable Cyber Weekend

How to have a sustainable Cyber Weekend

It is estimated that Brits will spend over 4.8 billion pounds this Cyber Weekend (26th – 29th November), with consumers splashing the cash on everything from new televisions and gaming devices to the latest fashion trends and beauty products.

However, whilst the nation is busy bagging a bargain, the devastating impact that Cyber Weekend is having on our planet is going largely unnoticed.

With tens of thousands of delivery vans on the roads emitting excess carbon, and goods being wrapped in often unnecessary plastic packaging – alongside excess product being manufactured to keep up with demand – there are countless problems that will have a damaging impact on our environment.

But all is not lost! Want to get involved in the Cyber Weekend sales without impacting the environment? Read on for our top tips for sustainable sale shopping.


Boycott big-name brands

Big companies are the biggest contributors to the pollution caused during this period. Just think about the air pollution caused from the number of delivery vans on the roads, and the sheer volume of plastic packaging used to pack each and every item bought. And of course, the excess product manufactured specifically for Cyber Weekend itself!


Shop local, support independents

If you can’t resist the impulse to shop, why not support your local independent stores instead? Full of unique items that aren’t widely available, they’re perfect for finding something special for yourself or friends and family for Christmas. Plus, there’s something lovely about knowing you’ve helped support your community during hard times!

As an independent business ourselves, we know how important it is for the public to support their local stores. Independent business owners are passionate about their business and carefully select quality product ranges that are unrivalled by bigger brand names. Why buy something that millions of other people already have, when you can buy something unique?


Only shop for what you need

Do you really need that 100-inch 5G television? Or that all-in-one full English breakfast maker?

A simple, but very effective way to shop sustainably is to only buy something if you really, really need it. Typically, if you’ve only decided to buy it because it’s Cyber Weekend – you probably don’t need it.

There are also smarter and more sustainable ways to shop for bargains than browsing the sales. Have you tried community forums or your local charity and second-hand shops? More often than not, you can find what you’re looking for in like-new condition, and at a much lower price!


Focus on all things ethical

It’s always a good idea to focus on ethics when shopping. Asking questions like ‘where do they manufacture their products?’, ‘what materials do they use?’, and ‘what is listed in their ingredients?’ can help you identify a product that’s ethical.

Need a step in the right direction? Websites like Ethical Consumer provide the tools and resources you need to find the best ethical stores to shop.


Looking for your nearest independent stores? Take a look at our stockists to find out!