How you can have your most eco-friendly festival season ever

How you can have your most eco-friendly festival season ever

Over the last few years, lots of people have grown more conscious about their impact on the environment, and there’s been a rise in the popularity of eco-friendly festivals.

However, most of our favourite music and comedy weekends are not so great for the earth. From plastic cups, plates and cutlery, to fast food in throwaway containers, there are lots of ways festivals can be damaging to our environment. The main culprit? The sheer amount of rubbish left behind by the thousands of people attending.

Although the following tips may seem like tiny contributions, they can make a big difference to the impact festivals have on our earth. Here’s how to do your bit, have fun, and have your most eco-friendly festival season ever.

  1. Bring a reusable cup

Whatever your drink of choice at festivals, it’s important to stay hydrated. Rather than spending all your cash on overpriced water in single-use plastic bottles, take your own reusable cup and fill it up for free.

Were you one of the lucky winners in our giveaway? A festival is a perfect place to take your brand-new Bio-D Chilly’s tumbler!

  1. Choose a greener glitter

Festivals are a great place to get dressed up and cover yourself in glitter, but the more commonly used stuff is made from a mixture of aluminium and plastic. When those tiny sparkles are washed down the drain at the end of the weekend, they become a threat to marine life.

Instead of the usual stuff, do some research on biodegradable glitter. There are a few great independent brands available online, so you can shimmer all night long, without harming the planet.

  1. Reduce and recycle your rubbish

When all the fun’s over, the clean-up has to begin. Tonnes and tonnes of trash is left behind at festivals every year, in fact, the Glastonbury 2017 clean-up reportedly cost £785,000 and the time of more than 1,000 volunteers.

Take a bag with you, and make sure not to leave any of your rubbish behind; some festivals even offer cash rewards for people who help out with the clean-up. Just make sure to re-use and recycle everything you can.

  1. Take your tent home

Invest in a good-quality tent that you’ll be able to use for many festivals to come, then remember to pack it up and take it home with you every year.

In between uses, to prevent it from going mouldy, thoroughly clean it with an eco-friendly soap. Mix our Washing-up Liquid with some water, and use it with a cloth to wipe away all the dirt from your tent. Just make sure to let your tent dry before you put it away for next time.

  1. Clean your clothes the eco-friendly way

When you’ve managed to get home in one piece and shower all the dirt away, you’ll probably have some very muddy clothes to deal with.

Our Laundry Bleach will get stubborn stains out of your favourite band tee, and our Laundry Liquid with Lavender will have everything smelling fresh again.

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