Save the planet this summer holiday!

Save the planet this summer holiday!

Looking for something to do with the kids this summer holiday? Keep things environmentally friendly with our checklist of interesting and inspiring eco-activities that help save both money and the planet!


Create a minibeast hotel

There’s nothing more eco-friendly than getting out in the open and creating activities from nature. Make your own minibeast hotel in your back garden from logs, plant pots, twigs, and any other materials you can find for creepy crawlies to enjoy and explore. Make sure to fill with rotting wood and leaves for the minibeasts to eat.

Once in place, why not set aside time each day to ‘insect watch’? You could even make a checklist to keep track of all of the bugs you’ve seen, from woodlouse and slugs to snails and even centipedes!

Plant your own vegetable garden

There are so many benefits to growing your own fruit and veg. As well as being cheaper and fresher than buying from a supermarket, it helps decrease emissions from transportation involved and reduces the use of chemicals used to fertilise large numbers of crops.

Just prep an area in your garden by breaking down the soil, buy seeds for your favourite veggies, sow and water. Before long you’ll be enjoying home-grown produce for dinner!

Get creative with recycling

All of our bottled packaging is 100% recyclable, but why not get creative with your recycling and create something completely different once each bottle is empty?

There are a wide range of ideas that can give a Bio-D bottle a whole new purpose, including creating a bird feeder to hang in the garden, a pretty decorated plant pot or even a garden scoop for your thriving vegetable patch! You can find just a few ways to reuse your plastic bottles here. 

Take a bike ride

In a world where videogames and YouTube videos come first, go back to a simpler time and enjoy a nice bike ride with the family. Find an old railway track to stay safe away from roads and make the most of the fresh air. You never know what you could find – whether it’s a fun new playground, a rope swing or a scenic spot to make the most of the sunshine. Taking along a summer picnic is optional!

Countryfile has put together a list of Britain’s best rail-to-trail cycling and hiking routes, but you should be able to find trails close to you on your local authority’s website.

Organise a local litter pick

All over the country people are getting together to organise beach and park cleans in a bid to reduce the amount of litter found in public spaces. Getting together with your child’s school friends and their parents at a local park is a great way to catch up during the holidays whilst cleaning up our environment at the same time. This saves wildlife from getting caught up in old bottles and beer rings!

Go strawberry picking

Strawberry picking is another activity that has been replaced by modern technology in recent years. But believe it or not, there are still plenty of places to pick your own strawberries across the country.

Fresher and tastier than your supermarket strawberries, picking your own encourages healthy eating for children, in addition to reducing transportation emissions.

Making plans to go away this summer instead? We’ve put together a list of the best eco-places to stay this holiday season.