The real horror of Halloween is … plastic 👻

The real horror of Halloween is … plastic 👻

Halloween is the time of year for fun, fancy dress, and bad films with predictable endings, right?

But here’s the real plot twist… underneath the scream mask is the most evil Halloween villain of all… SINGLE…USE…PLASTICS!

The only thing haunting us will be sweet wrappers, cheap costumes, and plastic décor – all of which will end up in landfill come 1st November.

Fright night is one of the year’s most wasteful holidays. In a study by environmental charity Hubbub alongside the Fairyland trust, it was found that our spooky outfits produce 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste – the equivalent of 83 million bottles. But fear not! Do you think we would tell you this without offering you some advice on how to creep it real for Halloween?

Read on for some top tips…


  1. If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Give old costumes a second life. According to a survey from Hubbub, it is estimated that seven million Halloween costumes are thrown away every year, contributing to 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste.

So, dress to kill this year without spooking the planet. Resurrect that old zombie outfit from the dead and swap it with a friend, who will definitely be grateful not to dress as a cat again this year.

Alternatively, visit your local charity shop and see what’s on offer, there will almost definitely be a collection of overalls. Who’s that calling? Ghostbusters? Freshen them up with our lively laundry detergent, because even though you’ll look ghastly you won’t smell it!

Use the hashtag #Bio-ween and tag us in your most creative non-plastic ideas and the winner will be posted to our story!


  1. Enjoy goblin all your favourite Halloween treats – just don’t let it go to waste!

Sweet wrappers are almost always plastic, and of the millions bought each year many go un-eaten and the wrappers are impossible or difficult to recycle.

Before heading to the ghostery-store to stock up, why not impress your guests with some seasonable treats like candied apples, and for the vampires, what about chocolate dipped neck-tarine slices?

This article provided us with some fang-tastic inspo!


  1. Give your guests pumpkin to talk about!

A terrifying 14.5 million pumpkins are expected to be left uneaten this Halloween according to a poll by Hubbub, and even more horrifying is that 47% of people still don’t know that carving pumpkins from the supermarket are not only edible, but also delicious!

Repurpose your pumpkins people! Pumpkin is delicious and versatile; it can be made into soups, pies, cakes and even risottos.

Think of the week-old-decomposing-pumpkin on your doorstep as a metaphor for what is happening to the planet if we don’t act. Pumpkins actually release methane when they start to decompose, which has more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide.

Pumpkin spice things up this Halloween with these four eerie-sistable recipes:

1) Pumpkin Pie– It’s a classic often overlooked in the UK but done right this American treat will satisfy your sweet tooth (or fang!)

2) We all know the best part of any party is the snack table, right? Take your chips and dips beyond the grave with this pumpkin hummus, served out of… you guessed it! A pumpkin.

3) Spiced pumpkin soup, because what’s better than knowing you’ve got a week’s worth of warming lunches prepped after the weekends left you feeling like death warmed up.

4) PSL tribe unite- is it even spooky season if you don’t have the obligatory daily pumpkin spice latte? With this pumpkin spice syrup, you can not only save yourself money but also reduce plastic by skipping the Starbucks and making your own at home!


Share your recipes with Hubbub and join the #PumpkinRescue and #EatYourPumpkin.


  1. Fright for the right to party – with decorations that last!

The theme for a sustainable Halloween is all about being tasteful and not wasteful so use what nature has to offer and make your own Halloween wreaths from twigs and leaves.

Halloween isn’t just a day, it’s a season. With that in mind, you should start prepping early – throughout the year, save up your cardboard packaging and get the kids to turn the boxes into tombstones. Let the little ghosts and ghouls’ imaginations run wild by turning laddered tights into spider webs.

If you’re having a party avoid disposable cups, plates, and cutlery – use regular dishes, or buy biodegradable ones! Instead of buying new games to entertain guests spook them with your own.

Got an old black top? Remember that tomato soup you panic bought with last month’s date – you’ve got yourself a fun trick or treat game. Simply fill two bowls and cover them and have the kids dip their hands in for a scary or sweet surprise!


  1. Trick or Treat-the-planet-right!

We use five trillion plastic bags worldwide each year, and single-use plastic trick or treat bags only add to the problem. If you’re going trick or treating in your area ditch the plastic bag and opt for something reusable like tote bags, buckets, painted pillowcases or a backpack.

To be extra sweet to the planet you can trick or treat by walking around your neighbourhood instead of driving to another destination. Get to know your neighbours, reduce your carbon emissions, and help keep the streets safe for other walkers.


Watch our video for some sustainable Halloween swaps!