Time-saving cleaning tips you might have forgotten

Time-saving cleaning tips you might have forgotten


We’re all doing our best when it comes to housekeeping, but no one has the time to do a deep clean every day.

To stop chores building up all at once, we’ve put together some time-saving tips to add to your cleaning routine.

Here’s our time-saving cleaning tips you might have forgotten:



Pillowcases may act as a small barrier to marks and stains, but dust and bacteria can still build up on the pillow itself.  Simply remove the pillowcases and wash your pillows on a gentle cycle with our laundry range every four months. Leave them on a flat surface to air dry, making sure to fluff them during to avoid lumps and bumps.

Inside windows

You might pay a professional cleaner to leave the outside windows sparkling, but you can clean the inside panes yourself in mere minutes. With a spray of Bio-D Glass & Mirror Cleaner and a quick buff with a clean cloth once a week, your home will be dazzling.

Bathroom extractor fan

An extractor fan covered with dust doesn’t work efficiently and can lead to mould and mildew. Clean away the dust every six months using a duster or by spraying with our All Purpose Sanitiser and wiping. Just remember to turn off the power to the ventilator first.

Shower caddies

Shower caddies can fill with soap scum and limescale at lightning speed, so the next time you’re waiting for your conditioner to do its thing clean them out with our Bathroom Cleaner. Just keep a bottle of cleaning spray nearby for ease.

Top of the fridge

Cleaning the inside of your fridge every three to four months helps keep everything in working order – but don’t forget the exterior as well.  If you’ve got a stand-alone fridge, the top can collect dust and grease. Every two weeks grab a step stool and clean with our Multi Surface Cleaner or a mixture of washing up liquid and warm water.

Light switches

We clean our toilet flush handles on the regular, but we don’t consider how dirty light switches could be. They’re probably one of the most touched areas of our homes but can often be neglected in cleaning routines. Once a week, wipe every light switch with our All Purpose Sanitiser to keep bacteria at bay.