Top 9 Plastic-Free Travel Essentials

Top 9 Plastic-Free Travel Essentials

Now that schools have finished for summer, holiday season is in full swing. As you pack your bags for your summer getaway, why not consider the planet when packing and reduce the plastic in your luggage? Choosing eco-friendly and plastic-free alternatives can make a world of a difference.


Here’s a top ten list of plastic free travel essentials you can take on holiday!


Refillable water bottle – many UK attractions and European cities have free water fountains meaning it makes financial sense to take your own bottle on holiday. Make it extra travel-friendly with this collapsible version.


Reusable food bag – preserve leftovers, retain snacks or make sandwiches for a picnic with these handy bags.


Soap bar – swap your shower gel for a Soap Bar; it’s much more travel-friendly and prevents shower gel explosions!


Wooden toothbrush – make the change on holiday and keep up the habit once you return – changing to a wooden toothbrush is an easy first step to reducing your plastic use.


Plastic free deodorant – again, make the change on holiday to a more environmentally friendly version and discover the benefits.


Sunscreen – this SPF is packaged in an aluminium tube so you are saving plastic without compromising on sun safety.


Sunglasses – these sunglasses are made from recycled abandoned fishing equipment found on the coastline of Cornwall.


Laundry bar – with this Laundry & Stain Remover Bar you can hand wash your clothes, in the sink in your hotel room if needs be, meaning you can pack less luggage!


Foldable shopping bag – this shopping bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and folds up small, so can be packed easily, but is strong and large enough to hold two to three times the amount of a ‘regular’ carrier bag.


Want to find out how you can go the extra mile? Check out our own plastic-free products here.