Bio-D Fragrance Free Sanitising Hand Wash – 500ml With Pump

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If fragrance isn’t your thing, but you still want the assurance of clean, germ-free hands (and who doesn’t?), then you need to get them on this, fast.
This fast-acting favourite is tested to BSEN1276 (food grade standard) – it neutralises 99.9% of harmful bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA, while still being gentle on skin.

We haven’t tested our products specifically against the Corona Virus. They have been tested against E.coli, Salmonella Enterica, MRSA and Staphylococcus Aureus in conjunction with BSEN 1276. We know things are a little strange at the moment so we are advising our customers to check out the government advice on how to stay safe. You can find more information HERE


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Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidoproopyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid

pH 4.05

Wet hands and apply one pump of soap. Wash hands for a minimum of 15 seconds, and then rinse with clean warm water.

Bottle – rPET, Pump – mixed

Please check your local authority guidelines in regards to recycling

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Suitable for Septic Tanks, Pet Friendly, Ethical Consumer Best Buy, Conforms to BSEN1276

Karen Luker (verified owner)

I have skin sensitivities but have no problems using this product. It’s gentle on my skin, has no perfumes and is kind to the environment 🤗.


    Hi Karen
    What a wonderful review for our fragrance free hand wash!
    Thank you very much
    The Bio-D Team


A really good product. Great for the kitchen as you don’t leave smelling of perfume.


Great product


Perfect Hand wash……..My favourite one. Except the bottles/pumps haven’t been working properly for me for a long time. You have to pump a few times for some to come out, all the time like it’s always full of air no matter what I tried to sort it, worried air and bacteria gets into the product. I now put it into other bottles. Will probably get the refill one day but I have too many 5litre bottles around at the moment.

Mary B

Hands feel super clean. Lathers nicely. Does what its supposed to do. Hands feel super clean. Lathers nicely. Does not appear to have a drying affect on hands.

Shaun Horrigan

Worth every penny! My wife is highly allergic to several really common ingredients found in almost all hand washes and soaps including Limonene, lanolool, citronella, and that horrid generically named “parfum”.

This hand wash contains none of those things and is an absolute blessing as the last brand she had been using changed it’s ingredients to a “new and improved” formula that immediately gave her migraines!

So far so good – one week on and no headaches at all!

It is also a really nice cleaner that makes a really silky smooth foam and cleans your hands really well.

John Smith

Doesn’t dry my skin out at all, unlike antibacterial products (triclosan is a menace for doing that). Washes cleanly and foams relatively well, without leaving the scent of spring flowers. I use it several times a day without any problems.

Neil Jones

Good stuff. Just don’t leave in window.I really like this stuff. My hands are so much better than they were. My only criticism is the bottle. Unlike other brands this bottle warps in the sun so you end up with a funny shaped bottle. The window sill that it’s on doesn’t even get direct sun light but still gone a funny shape.

Charles Bibby

Clean Hands and clear mind! So little needed for a good wash, and no nasties!

D Papworth

Good value for money. Great Product. Leaves your hands feeling perfectly clean.

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