Keeping your allergies at bay: Allergy Awareness Week 2021

Keeping your allergies at bay: Allergy Awareness Week 2021

There are approximately 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK. Whether you suffer from sensitive skin or manage a severe food allergy, living with allergies can be challenging. This week (26th – 30th April) marks Allergy Awareness Week, an initiative started by the charity Allergy UK.

As well as the essential measures in place to help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we also need to consider how these changes to our daily lives will affect our allergies.

Here at Bio-D we understand how allergies can affect life on a daily basis, which is why we make sure to leave out ingredients that are known to lead to skin irritation and allergenic contact dermatitis – including Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone.

All of our fragrance-free laundry products here at Bio-D are also accredited by Allergy UK themselves. This means that all of our range has been scientifically tested to a protocol developed by a panel of international allergists and scientists, meaning that our products have a significantly reduced allergen content – which can be immensely reassuring to sufferers of allergy, intolerance and sensitivities. We also have complete traceability, knowing exactly what goes into our cleaning products, and where they come from.

For this year’s Allergy Awareness Week, we’re sharing some handy hits and tips on how to keep your allergies at bay.

Washing your hands

Eczema sufferers know all too well that washing your hands more frequently can result in dry, cracked skin. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

All of our hand washes are hypoallergenic, so try our fragrance free sanitising hand wash and remember to moisturise your hands after every wash. We’d recommend Weleda Skin Food .

Staying indoors

We’ve all been staying indoors for longer periods of time than we maybe used to. Dust can affect your allergies – particularly those suffering with asthma – so it’s important to make sure your home is as clean as possible.

Use an eco-friendly duster and give your shelves a good dust. We know we haven’t seen the top of our cupboards for a while! And while you’re there, why not get your spring cleaning done? A clean home can dramatically improve your indoor air quality, which will help to keep allergies in check.

Exercising outside

While the weather is so beautiful, it’s a great excuse to go for a short walk or maybe even a run. However, hay fever sufferers are on red alert as the UK’s pollen count begins to increase.

Allergy UK recommends:

  • Check the Met Office’s website for the pollen count before you leave the house
  • If your eyes are particularly sensitive, wear wraparound sunglasses
  • Wash your clothes – using our Allergy UK-accredited fragrance free laundry range, of course – and shower when you get back inside