Lazy life hacks that don’t compromise the planet

Lazy life hacks that don’t compromise the planet

Climate change, global warming, deforestation … 😱  It can feel overwhelming and quite frankly a little impossible to know where to start when it comes to helping the environment #ecoanxiety

We’re sure you’re already a top recycler and have cut down on your meat consumption, but if you still feel you could do a little more we’ve got some stress free switches to help save the planet. 

By becoming more mindful of the swaps you can make in your daily routine, these hassle-free, no fuss changes will not only make a big difference to the environment but will also ease your mind too. 

Here’s a round-up of tiny actions we can all take, and collectively, make a big difference.

Remember your tote bag

You probably have a stash of them already, but how many times do you arrive at the shops only to kick yourself that you’ve forgotten a bag? So rather than awkwardly carrying your shopping in your arms, or buying a plastic bag, get into the habit of making sure your reusable tote is with you every time you leave the house. 

Swap to our laundry liquid 

Laundry detergent is almost always packaged in plastic, and they often contain harmful chemicals that can affect your skin. Our fragrance-free non-bio Laundry Liquid is accredited by Allergy UK; it’s super-gentle but super-effective and comes in a bottle that’s 100% recycled and can be refilled at one of our lovely independent stockists.

Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo is easily renewable, it is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, with no chemicals or pesticides required for its growth. Making this switch a no brainer when you consider the average plastic toothbrush takes over 400 years to decompose! 

Give a shampoo bar a try 

Steer away from bringing extra plastic into your household, and swap out your regular bottled shampoo for a shampoo bar instead. They are usually free from plastic packaging, and they can also last much longer too.

Invest in a collapsible coffee/drinks cup 

Portable drinks cups are a great way to save on the number of disposable cups we use, but they can be bulky to carry around. A collapsible, silicone cup folds away and is easy to fit in your bag or even your pocket. Meaning you’re more likely to have one on you when you’re out and about and craving a coffee. 

Clean deep with Seep

Who knew kitchens could get so dirty? Kitchens can harbour a lot of hidden dust, grease and crumbs that often go unnoticed during day-to-day cleaning. That’s why it’s important to clean everywhere – in every nook and cranny.

Seep’s mini plastic-free cleaning bundle provides you with more than enough cloths and scourers, with the added benefit of producing less waste whilst cleaning (did you know they are machine washable, and when they’re done can be composted at home?). 

They’re so much more environmentally friendly than your usual single-use wipes and sponges, with at least one month use per product and pair perfectly with our multi-surface sanitiser or washing up liquid.

After you’ve given these simple swaps a try, why not take a look at our full range of cleaning products. At Bio-D, it is our promise to provide cleaning products without compromising the planet.