The eco-friendly Christmas clean

The eco-friendly Christmas clean

Hosting Christmas this year and worried you don’t have enough time to prepare? With the help of a couple of interior influencers, we’ve put together a guide on how to handle the preparations one room at a time, making the task much more manageable. Plus, we’ll show you how to keep it all eco-friendly.

Interior Designer and writer at LoveChicLiving, Jen, recommends starting by making lists. “Be thorough with your list making, include details, timescales and who will be actioning. This way you can complete your jobs in plenty of time and really relax to enjoy the Christmas season.”

The kitchen

If you’re the lucky one who’s been chosen to host Christmas dinner this year, the kitchen will be one of the busiest parts of your house.

One tip is to clean the oven at least a few days before you start preparing for your Christmas meal.Our multi-surface sanitiser contains orange oil, which acts as an effective degreasing agent that will leave your oven free from grease and grime, with no harm to the environment.

Another task that’s important in the kitchen is to remember to clear out and clean the fridge before your big shop. You should also make sure all of your cutlery, crockery and glasses are sparkling, too – our dishwasher powder or washing-up liquid is perfect for this – leaving you ready for serving out your food and drink.

The living room

When everyone sits down on the floor to open up their presents on Christmas morning, you want it to be clean, tidy, and dust free. That means, beforehand, it’s a good idea to sort through any clutter you may have lying around.

Recycle old magazines and newspapers, and make sure everything is put away. After that, dust surfaces and give the whole area a good clean with a vacuum.

Queen of organisation and founder of This Girl Can Organise, Nicola, recommends decluttering ahead of the holidays. Go around the home and choose one room at a time, and get rid of anything that shouldn’t be there. Whether that’s old magazines in the living room or out of date food in the fridge in the kitchen – you’ll be surprised at how many items that don’t belong are taking up space. You’ll create room to breathe, and space to put your Christmas decorations and presents!

The dining area

A tip that most people swear by – set your table as early as you can. Some people do it up to a week before, but even setting your table on December 24th will take off lots of pressure on the big day.

Candles are a great way of creating an atmosphere filled with festive scent, so set these out on the table ready for lighting before the meal.

The bathroom

Over the festive period , your bathroom will be used a lot more, especially if you have guests staying, so it’s important for it to look its best.

Using our toilet cleaner will make sure everything’s sparkling before your guests arrive, and our bathroom cleaner spraywill keep limescale and watermarks at bay.

The bedrooms

Even if you’re not expecting guests, Christmas plans can always change last minute. Make sure the bedrooms in your house are always ready for guests (and for you) by changing the sheets in advance.

Use our laundry liquid and fabric conditioner for clean, soft sheets that are suitable for the most sensitive of skin – our lavender scented versions are perfect for weary heads.