Stop cleaning becoming a chore with Bio-D tips and tricks

Stop cleaning becoming a chore with Bio-D tips and tricks

It’s no secret that cleaning your home with Bio-D products allows you to clean without compromise, but there are still a few tricks up our sleeve on how to get the most out of them.

We’ve assembled some tips and tricks for your house for when cleaning day comes around.

Preparation is key to being efficient with your cleaning. We recommend keeping all your supplies together in a caddy with a handle so in the moment you can grab and go.


When life gives you lemons – clean!

Lemons are nature’s very own stain remover. You can save on using energy from using the washing machine by simply using lemon and salt to remove tough stains. Then you can reuse that bowl of lemon water by deodorising your microwave and giving it a quick wipe down.

People often neglect the lemon’s citrus cousin, the mandarin, but oranges have equally as many cleaning benefits as the lemon. That’s why we’ve added it to our new all-purpose sanitiser spray – it’s great for using across all areas of the home.



Its everyone’s least favourite room, but someone’s got to do it – and by the time you are finished using our limescale remover you’ll be dying to show off your shiny surfaces!

Are your mirrors covered in smudges and stains even though you only cleaned them yesterday? We know the feeling, but with our window and glass cleaner you’ll be brushing your teeth in a shiny and streak free mirror in no time.

Another bathroom hack if your grout is looking a bit tired is to mix some of our laundry bleach with water to clean away any mould or mildew that’s built up.



We hate to brag, but our laundry bleach is kind of a big deal.

As well as removing tough stains from your clothing, it also acts as a stain remover on crockery for tough stains like tea and coffee – try adding some with warm water to remove tea and coffee stains.

You can also use it to give your old used-to-be-white trainers a new lease of life by scrubbing them with the solution for that new shoe feeling.

And if your trainers are smelling a little fruity, you can sprinkle some laundry bleach inside your shoes (and your gym bag while you’re at it) to deodorise them. Just tap it out before you wear them again!

To have your kitchen smelling fresh and clean, fill the sink with some warm water and add a scoop of our washing powder. Leave to dissolve and the wonderful scent will permeate the air.


Living Room

Our furniture polish is infused with linseed oil to nourish wood surfaces and protects against everyday use, offering resistance against finger marks and spillages after prolonged use.

An extra hack to protect your hardwood floor is to use a sock or a tennis ball with a small amount of our polish for small marks. To erase bigger scuffs, add a little laundry bleach to a damp cloth and gently rub. Then rinse with a damp towel and dry.



They say your room is a reflection of you – if your room is messy then your mind will be, too.

To add an element of zen to your bedroom, wash your sheets with our lavender laundry liquid and fabric conditioner. Lavender is a natural remedy for lowering blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate, making it the perfect scent for your bedroom.

To keep your laundry smelling fresh, you can also take some of our nappy fresh washing powder and add a tablespoon to a fabric sachet, then pop a sachet in each of your drawers.


Whilst are cleaning products are tough on dirt and stains, they’re gentle on the planet! Find out our key values here.