How to clean with allergies using Bio-D

How to clean with allergies using Bio-D

If you live with allergies, you’ll know how important it is to use the right cleaning products.

It’s no secret that Bio-D products are kind to the planet, but did you know that they’re also fantastic as part of your routine for a thorough yet gentle clean?

Here’s our top tips for cleaning if you suffer with allergies:


Fragrance free

If you have allergies, the fragrances in cleaners can trigger symptoms. Our Fragrance Free Laundry Range is Allergy UK certified, meaning it is not only kind to the planet but also to your skin. We also have Fragrance Free Washing Up Liquid and Hand Wash.



Wash your bedding once a week to stop a build-up of dust. Use our Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner to keep your bedding clean and free of any harsh chemicals.

If your kids suffer with allergies, you can also use our laundry products to wash cuddly toys so they’re fresh and clean when they’re snuggling them.



Bathrooms can cause breathing difficulties among allergy sufferers if mould is left to build up. Spray our Bathroom Cleaner twice a week on all hard surfaces and wipe away any dirt to keep airborne dust or mould at bay.

Don’t forget to check the washing instructions on your shower curtain, as you may be able to put it through the washing machine using our laundry range. If not, leave it to soak in the bath or a sink with Home & Garden Cleaner or wipe it down with the Multi-Surface Cleaner.


Damp cleaning

To stop dust particles getting knocked into the air, try dusting with our Multi-Surface Cleaner and a damp cloth instead of using a traditional duster.

You can also use our Furniture Polish on wooden surfaces for a dust-free clean.



It can be hard to see dust or allergens that have settled on hard floors. Using our Floor Cleaner with a clean mop will get rid of dust build-up in no time, as well as leaving your floors sparkling with a gorgeous scent.


Clean dishes

Remember to wash your dishes daily to keep any mould at bay using Bio-D Washing Up Liquid. You can also use it to scrub the sink and taps after for a thorough clean.


Whilst living with allergies can be challenging, read here to find out how our fragrance free range has worked for our customers!